Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

He's extraordiHARRY

If Harry Edward Styles is your favourite member of British Boyaband sensation one Direction, You better check these interesting facts and quotes about Harry Styles out.

Harry Styles Biography :
      Harry Edward Styles who's Aquarius and who height is 1.78. Born February 1, 1994 in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England at 12:06 am. Well I will tell ya about "Harry Styles full name" Harry's parents split up when he was 7. And his actual dad's surname was Styles so that's where he got Styles from. His name then was "Harry Edward Styles". Anne didn't change her surname to Styles, she kept it as her original surname "Cox". Anne then found a new man, couple years ago. Called Joe Milward. That's where Harry got his surname in. "Harry Edward Milward Styles".
    Harry's name now: "Harry Edward Milward Styles" (Milward Styles as the surnames from Harry's step dad and first dad). Well, he has one sister called Gemma Styles she's 20.

Here some rare pict of Lil Harry :

Harry bit his finger ah cute!

Thw way he's smile

Harry with his dolls <3

 Harry is brave!

 Happy Birthday baby

 whoops, whos this?

Just look in the middle ;)

 Harry's dimple :D


Whats wrong with u Hazz? u looks so fckn tired

Ah too much CUTE!

Harry like a boss!

Naughty Hazza

I hate to share this pict but, I want u feel what I felt. If you understand what I mean btw
But what you notice about the fourth photo shows Harry with a woman at prom. He is seen holding or just want to take pictures with a woman who looks old enough, right? 
Hahaha, but thats my boy HARRY STYLES
 Whoops! I think I shouldn't post this pict . But thats Harry Edwild Styles 


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